It is the procedure of removal of colorful, organic, and inorganic materials on the porous enamel on the teeth with tooth bleaching gels.

Structural defects arising during the formation of teeth, some antibiotics taken in childhood or fetus, foods and drinks (stainers such as cigarette, tea, or coffee), and the amount of flour in drinking water may cause discoloration on our teeth.  The method of bleaching discolored teeth is more economic, effortless, and easier compared to the other restorative methods.

Everybody may bleach his/her teeth; however, it is required to be examined by the dentist before bleaching. Those who have advanced dental cavities and tooth gum diseases in their mouth must be applied bleaching after their treatment. Out of them, it is not recommended for the individuals who have not completed their growth. Also, it must be carefully applied to pregnant and nursing mothers.

Whitening on teeth is not at the same rate for everyone; it varies depending on the structure of the teeth how much teeth shall bleach. The result obtained from the procedure of bleaching varies depending on the teeth structure of the person and stays fixed for approximately 6 months - 2 years. Of course, this period depends on the person. During and after bleaching, staining materials must be avoided for minimum two weeks.


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