Normally, when mouth is closed, upper teeth must be in front of lower teeth. In case of otherwise, in other words, if lower teeth are in front of upper teeth, it is called "cross bite".

  • In cases where frontal teeth stay at excessively frontal point and lips do not touch each other,
  • In cases where teeth are not aligned properly or when they overlap,
  • In cases where teeth have wide gaps,
  • If there are big gaps between lower frontal incisors and upper frontal incisors and teeth are positioned very far from each other, in other words, in cases which we call openbite,
  • If there are big gaps between frontal incisors,
  • If you have difficulty in chewing or vocalizing some letters although there is no certain crowding in your teeth,
  • If your child sucking thumb or teat although he/she is over 4, you should visit a dentist.

In children who have lost milk teeth before its time and especially in cases of milk molars missing as the result of extraction or impact in age group of 6, you must take your child to dentist.


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