Periodontology is the main branch of dentistry engaging in health and maintenance of tooth gums and surrounding tissues. The basis of the oral health is a good oral hygiene.

Various tooth gum problems arise in cases where oral hygiene is not sufficient. 70% of missing teeth in adults arises out of periodontal diseases. When such diseases are diagnosed in early period, they may be easily and successfully treated. Prevention or treatment of tooth gum diseases results in other benefits such as protection of natural teeth, easier chewing, and better digestion.

The main reason of tooth gum diseases is failure to regularly remove the bacterial plaque. Bacterial plaque starts to accumulate and causes problems such as tartar, cavity, and bad breath. If bacterial plaque is not removed, minerals in saliva precipitate and tartar is formed. Tartar applies pressure to tooth gum and causes problems such as swelling, redness, bleeding, and odor.Tartar accumulated in the area for long time causes recession and destruction of bone tissue supporting the tooth.

Tooth gum diseases may be prevented without reaching advanced level by regular tartar cleaning and dentist examination once in 6 months.


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